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AYOYINKA FADIPE ESQ. LLB, BL, LLM. (a.k.a Realpathlawyer), is a principal partner at a law chamber called REAL PATHMAKERS & LAWFIELD, a Corporate & Commercial Transactions Law chamber, with it’s main office domiciled in Lagos, Nigeria.

Ayoyinka heads the Department of Investment Transaction in which Real Estate affairs is at the forefront.

Being savvy with real estate law, procedure and due practice, and also having expertise and avalanche of experience, realpathlawyer together with his team are always committed to serving you a buffet of real estate legal necessities, while maintaining a cordial relationship with clients.

After having underlearnt in Golans  Company, at Skookie Chicago, United States, where he once worked, and also being a home ownership Advocate, Ayoyinka takes pleasure in ensuring that real estate Investors go at it the right way by constantly educating the public, through his personal platforms, on actionable strategies and legal measures to adopt, in order for prospective investors not to get their fingers burnt.

Ayoyinka has the mandate of ensuring that your property transactions are free from fraud/scam, because everyone surely deserves to enjoy the fruit of their labour, as no one plucks money from trees.

The team is big and professional enough to handle any property transaction that may call, but also small enough to provide personalized services to every single client.




*Property Services*
Detailed Investigation of Land Title;
Verification of Documents;
Background checks;
Legal Opinion & Advice; Land purchase management;
Property Management;
Processing of Land Title documents;
Perfection of Titles;
Creative Drafting of real estate diverse agreements (partnership, MOU, Joint Ventures, Tripartite agreement);
Recovery of related Funds;
Facilitation of JV;
Real Estate Deal Negotiation;

#Assistive Service in Processing & Acquiring a unit from Lagos State Housing Scheme#

After sales support; et al

*Estate Services*
Application & Obtaining of Letter of administration; General Probate Matters;
Wills Writing;
Gratuity Processing.




Validity and authenticity of documents, True ownership, Survey coordinates, Red flags and encumbrances, Forged documents, Land taxes owed, Trespass, Stolen land, Incomplete transaction, “Omo’nile considerations”, Hidden sale terms or fees

After the conveyancing stage, we further ensure that our clients do not fall in wrong hands by connecting them with reliable technical experts and trustworthy officials to help them through other stages going forward, including town planning issues, building plan approvals et al.


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Ayoyinka Esq. says:

For your first experience with with me, I offer you free consultation.


I can schedule a meeting to discuss vital measures you should know before you have your next property transaction. I’ll also advise you on more rewarding real estate investment strategies.



I assure you 100% fraud free real estate transactions.

   Thanks for reading.